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Pages on the European Railway Server
Photos of Slovakian trains in the Picture Gallery
Technical data of Slovakian trains in the Stock List
Official railway WWW servers
Bahntouristik - nostalgic journeys' offer (any case each in Slovakia; german only)
Banská Bystrica - transportation - City Transport, Railway transport etc.
BRKS - Bratislavska' regiona'lna kol'ajova' spolocnost', a. s. / Bratislava's regional railway company, Inc.
Erlebnis-Bahn-Schiff - nostalgic journeys offer (sometimes at Slovakia; german only)
Fares on Railways of Slovak republic lines and from Bratislava to EuropeTo the Top
InterRail - information about network tickets
Leo Express - Privat Railway Passenger Company
Ministry of Transport and Construction (MDV)
Nové Zámky - Transportation
Railway Company Slovakia (ZSSK), Inc.
Railway Company Cargo (ZSCS), Inc.
Railway news by ZSR server ( Slovak version )
Railway news by ZSSK server ( Slovak version )
Railway Regulatory Authority (ÚRŽD)
Railways of Slovak republic
RegioJet - Privat Railway Passenger Company
RegioRail - Privat Railway Company
Ružomberok - Official Town Page, Railway Transportation, History, Photos, ...
Tatry - transport
Transport museum in Bratislava (official ? page)
WAGON SERVICE travel , s.r.o. - special coaches, trains, coaches -sleeping, salon, dancer, promotion...
Wagon Slovakia Inc. Bratislava  - accommodation services in wagon-lits, couchette-car and nutrition services into dining-car railways of Slovak republic and lease fancy saloon wagon to firm, commercial presentation and different bred action
Wasteels Trips Ltd.  - sale of international railway tickets, discounts, youth cards, journey insurance, accommodation, tour sale, money-change action
ŽEL-RAIL - yearly exhibition in Vrútky (since 1995)
Timetable pages
CP - Vlaky - Connetcions search - Transport companies' server
Gates96 - Bratislava - info page about Bratislava - links to media, travelling, transport, weather, live camera's (english)
IDOS - timetable program of Railways of Slovak republic and Czech railways
Timetable of German Railways Inc. (included allmost every European trains)
Timetable of Railways of Slovak republic
Railway industry and laboratories
A - Z LOKOMAT , Ltd., Zvolen
Brama - wholesale with spare parts for railway vehicles
COMPEL-RAIL , Inc., Martin
Electrotechnical research and project Institute, Inc., Nová Dubnica
ELTRA, spol. s r.o. Košice ( e-mail )
Geomonta - Harmanec Ltd. - reconstructions railway lines
Geoteam - autorized ddealer of companies Carl Zeiss and SOLA, geodetical and build measuring machines, fotogrametric machines a accessories, railway measuring machines
Inprop Ltd., Zilina - working of specialized software for sector To the Toprailway a city mass transport
Lukro Ltd., Nove Mesto nad Vahom - components for railways
Norek - railwaz track construction and reconstruction
PRAKON s. r. o. Prakovce ( e-mail )
Prefabeton Holding Inc. Kos, Bratislava, Zlatná na Ostrove, Kosice, Lucenec,
Presse & marketing Slovakia
Prometal s.r.o.  - sale of steel materials and railway buildings.
Railway construction , Inc., Kosice
Railway Research Institute
Regonik spol. s r.o. - development, projection, production and assemblage measuring and regulating engineering; adjustment heating and sympathetic in railway vehicles
Remäta - components for railway buiding
Reming Consult a.s. - solution design of carrier city public transport system for Municipality of Bratislava, Study of the Railway station Bratislava subsidiary revitalization, The true story of the modernization of the railway track led across Trencín , ...
Siemens Slovakia - representation German producer electrical equipment and railway technology
Stavebna Zeleznicna Spolocnost - Railway building Company
SUDOP Košice, Inc.
Tatravagonka - Freight waggon building company
TECTUM GEOSYNTHETYC Ltd., Bratislava ( e-mail )
TRIBOMETAL - producer radial sleek bearing, axial bearing and curvature bushing for application into railway engine, compressor, construction gear, etc. To the Top
TSS Bratislava Inc. ( e-mail )
Vagonka Inc., Trebisov
ZOS Trnava
ZOS Vrutky - company deal especially revision and average reparation railway rolling stock , as are electric power units, electric motor units, passenger and particular wagons
ZOS Zvolen Ltd.  - Locos deals and repaire, Locos components deals, Freight cars and bearings deals
ZOS Zvolen Inc. - company making reparation and production railway vehicles (for example 811 class motor wagons, 755 class power units)
ZTS - Rolling stocks (Kolajové vozidlá) - made of 773 class loks for hard shunting and freight trainsets transportation, passenger and freight rolling stocks modernisation, low weight motor units for regional passenger transport
Zw-control - delivery and assemblage electronic measuring of railway motor vehicles systems
Narrow gauge railway pages
AÚ SAV Railway at Skalnaté pleso
Forestry steam railway at Cierny Hron (CHZ)
Electrical railway Trencianska Tepla - Trencianske Teplice (TREZ)To the Top
Steam railway in Cermel Valley near Kosice
Korytnica's railway
Orava-Kysuce's forestry railway (OKLZ / HLUZ)
Pages Tatra's electrical railways - TEZ ( Poprad-Tatry - Stary Smokovec , Starý Smokovec - Strbské Pleso , Starý Smokovec - Tatranská Lomnica )
Rack railway Strba - Strbske Pleso (OZ)
Novinka / New Garden Railway Suchá (nad Parnou)
Slovak agrarian museum Railway in Nitra
Váh's forrest railway Pribylina (basicly Liptovský Hrádok)
Broad gauge railway pages
Haniska pri Kosiciach - Uzgorod
Railway books and magazinesTo the Top
Horizonty dopravy
KANT - dealing of books and magazines about primary trasport orientation, primary about railways, water and city public trasport, big postcard variety, bill, also each video tape, puzzle and furhter collector material again directional about transport and warfare
K-report - Czech railway server - internet magazine K-report version (included slovak railway related items)
Kosicka kolaj
NADATUR - Trasport and Turistic Publishing: picture tube publications among of all transport branches, European union jural norm, relative at transport, transportation and rate magazine CR, magazine transportation and telecommunications magazine CR, custom-house, economic and sanitarian printed matter, mural and dine calendars, magazine career, magazine Dráha
Pragomodel - sale of railway books, videocasettes, magazines, puzzle, etc.
Prepravny a tarifny vestnik
Railway transport and logistic
Tula'k po draha'ch - magazine of Railfans club - Klub draharu - in Pardubice (included slovak railway related items)
Vestník MDPT SR
ZSSK Cargo Business - Customer magazine
Railway schools
Transport section KZD FPEDaS Zilina's university
Transport academy Kosice
Transport academy Trnava
Transport academy Zvolen
Railway academy Košice
Railway academy Trencín
Railfan pages
Addams' Home Page - Web page about right music, railways, life and enviroment
ALBATROS Steam club at Loco depot Bratislava hl. st. ( Actions in 2002 )
ALWEG  - not realised transport projekt at High Tatra's mountains (Vysoke Tatry)
Bridell's Railway Page
CFR - unofficialy Romanian Railways pages
Doubled lines in SlovakiaTo the Top
Development of railway lines building in Slovakia
Fatrapress s.r.o.  - off set printing station all bred, editorship - book, magazine, commercial and art agency, oldtime service - railways history and railway friend club
FIP-documents - Informations about using of
Friend of Railway History Club Bratislava
From slovakian railway lines history - list of all (?) lines with she's development
High quality trains at ZSR lines
Historical railway development in Czecho-slovakia (up to 1926)
Historic Technic Fan Club by Loco Depot Zvolen
Images from slovakian a czech railways by Richard Bilek
InterRail - cheap traveling at Europe  - Tips to cheap travel, turistic informations about single countries, photos
Lines electrification in Slovakia
Lokomotivka - slovakian and czechian locs photos
Lok depot - rolling stocks in Slovakia and Czech republicNižšie / Lower
Lok depot Vrútky
MSTS - reskins for Game
MSTS cabs
Narrow gauge and funicular lines at region Zahorie
Narrow gauge cabinet - traveler club
Narrow gauge locs dates
Passenger cars dates used at ZSR linesTo the Top
Podbrezova - Tisovec Rack railway - Jozef Banik Page
Porftólio železnicným objektívom - photos about Railways and Nature
Prievidza - Nove' Za'mky Railway Line Page
Prievidza's Steam Locos Club
Railfan - Railway images for all train fans...
Railfan club at Transport and infrastructure Faculty of operation and economy (FPEDaS) Zilina's university
Railfan club - Turistic-branch club interresing about railways in worldwide (URL: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 )
Railmap of Slovak republic
Railmap of city Bratislava
Railway artillery in 2nd world war
Railway bridges in Slovakia
Railway History Club Poprad
Railway info-pages (Zeleznicné infostránky)  - Links of rolling stocks producers a reconstructors, components dealers and stock-reconstructors in Czech republic and outlands
Railway ingeneers club
Railway junction Bratislava
Railway line Suchá Hora - Trstená history
Railway news by AddamsTo the Top
Railway News by Klub draharu (Railfan club)
Railway pages by Lubor Bánik
Railway pages by Stano Komora ( new URL )
Railway pages by Peter Popovec
Railway station list of Slovakia (+ near outcountries) with alternative names
Railway stock-marketNižšie / Lower
Railway undertaking in Slovakia and Czech republic
Railways in Slovakia - interests from slovakian railway history, railway tunnels, development, elecrification and double-lined and forrest railways
Railway catalog and news
Railways of Slovak republic - unoficially pages by Spisska Nova Ves Academy students ( parts 1 , 2 )
Raiways on TV
RailWeb - practical info's for European railway trips, advisable for novice also advanced travellers. Above 900 foreign photos, game download, railway networks maps ( including also data about railways in Slovakia )
Shortcuts used on Railway traffic
Sildberger Martin - info about any railway lines and Museums in Slovakia and Czech republic
Slovakian Forrest railways dates
Slovakian lines interests
Slovakian loks dates
Standard gauge locs dates
Slovakian Railway tunnels
S'urany and Neighborhood - Railways on Region
Svet zelezníc (Railway World) - history and present world railways, stock-market, undertaking calendar, literature market, search train connection in Europe and USA
Table of lenght, unladen weight, effective load, number of compartments and seats ZSR used passenger cars
Trains categories - shortly charakteristic most of passenger train categories operated in Europe
Trainz - Regional Railways Maps: Slovakia, Slovakia-Hungary, Hungary, Czech rep.
Transport history with specialisation to epoch since steam introductionNižšie / Lower - lists of all, what in Slovakia has moved at water and railways
Transport museum in Bratislava (unofficial page)
Travellers info's - practical info's for travellers, whitch will travel in European trains cheaply, effective, and meet with railway interest
Vlaky(Trains).net - photos and stories around Railways, special tunnels and Railway constructions all types
ZSSK and CD loks - page of Miro Just
ZSSK and CD loks - page of Peter Krusinský
ZSSK a CD loks - page of Sighi ( secondary URL )


Models in Slovakia - aeroplane, cars, ships, railway and sky-rocket models
PIETRIK Jaroslav - hobby - railways modeling, page for railway model fans

Discussion forums (including info's about slovakian and czech railways)

Czech railways discussion forum
K-Report magazine discussion forum
Railfan Club (Klub draharu) discussion forum
Svet zelezníc discussion forumsNa zaciatok strany / To the Top
Parostroj club discussion forum discussion forum

Transport companies

Abex Slovakia Ltd. - spedition company operate into railway transport, offered lease cooling wagons
Argo Slovakia Ltd. Poprad - international railway traffic and spedition
Cargo Transport
Ciernianská spolocnost Ltd. - spedition from/to Russsia,Ukraina by railwayNa zaciatok strany / To the Top
DHL Express (Slovakia) s. r. o., Bratislava
DISTROS s. r. o., Humenné - spedition from borderline station Cierna nad Tisou for customers in Slovakia and transit to Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Czechia ( e-mail )
Express Slovakia Medzinárodná preprava, a. s.
EXPRO s. r. o. Zvolen
Ferroviasped Slovakia , s. r. o.
Gestiv Ltd., Kosice - Medzinarodne zasielatelstvo - international traffic - railway traffic; storage and handling, custom-house guarantee - custom-house declaration, insurance commodity, money-change activity
Imbrasped Ltd. - domestic and foreign railway forwarding and spedition
Investex Group , Ltd., Zvolen - spedition ( e-mail )
INVOZ s.r.o., Košice
M&G Spedition Ltd.  - railway shipments
Palimpex s. r. o., Prievidza ( e-mail )
Prometal Ltd.  - railway buildings
PUS s. r. o., Komárno
Slovakia Trans Inc.  - inland and international forwarding
SLOVFRACHT SLOVAKIA Inc. Bratislava - international forwarding and railway traffic, custom-house declaration
SPEDSERVIS spol. s r. o.
Trade trans rail , s. r. o., Kosice
Transforwarding Slovakia Ltd. Banska Bystrica - railway forwarding

Vanek Ludovít
Ž - stránka o železniciach, hlavne tej Oravskej
Web cestovných poriadkov CZ + SK
Viliam Matuš
Kniha_jázd - Spolocnost Považskej dráhy Žilina
Ž - Železnicné múzeum Stará Turá
KŽ - Klub železnicných historických vozidiel v Poprade

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